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What's new in Peachtree 2013?  Well, the first thing that's new is the name.  It is now called Sage 50 - U.S. Edition.  

As part of a big rebranding campaign, Sage is dropping most of their well known brand names in favor of numbers intended to indicate where those products  fall within the Sage product line.  So that explains the 50.  The "U.S. Edition" was added to the name because Sage Simply Accounting, their market leading product in Canada, is also being rebranded as Sage 50.  It will be the Canadian Edition.  Of course, don't confuse either of them with Sage 50 Accounts - their U.K. product.

Enough about the name change.  Version 2013 is really the same product you have come to know and trust, just with some new features added. To ask questions, arrange for a demo, or get a price quote, call 918-851-9713.

Sage 50 2013 New Features

Bank Reconciliation From Any Period

Account reconciliations are now more convenient because you can complete them regardless of your company's current accounting period.  No more kicking users out so you can change the period just to have to change it back when you are done.

Waste-free Check Printing

When printing checks that pay more invoices than will fit on one check stub, you now have the option of printing the extra detail on plain paper at the end of the check run.  It works for payroll checks too.  This new feature will save money by using fewer checks.

Inactivate Multiple Vendor Records

Clean up your vendor list by using the Set Multiple Records As Inactive tool to select vendors by last activity date. Then quickly flag some or all of them as inactive with just a few clicks.

Expanded Amount and Currency Fields

Transaction screens can now accept amounts up to $99,999,999,999,999.00000.  That's 99 trillion with up to 5 decimal places.  Reports, list views, and dashboards have also been updated to display the new larger numbers.

Business Intelligence Inventory Analysis Report

Sage 50 Business Intelligence is an optional add-on report writer that lets you create reports in Excel using your Peachtree data.  The 2013 version has added a new Inventory Analysis report to help you better manage your inventory.  Sage Business Intelligence is included with Sage 50 Quantum.  It is also included with Business Care plans or can be purchases separately for Sage 50 Pro, Complete, and Premium.

People come to me because they know I will give them straight answers to all their questions.  So I want to make it clear that these next two items appear on Sage's list of new features for version 2013, but they are actually new features in two of Sage's connected services and you may be able to take advantage of them without upgrading.  That being said, these options could be a big benefit for many businesses and deserve a closer look.

Mobile Payment Integration

Sage Payment Solutions lets you integrate credit card processing with Sage 50 2013 and Peachtree 2011 and 2012.  Now they have added the optional ability to take payments using your cell phone or tablet.  Mobile payment integration means you can swipe a credit card almost anywhere and get real time authorization.

Sage E-Marketing

Email is one of the lowest cost and most efficient methods of marketing.  Sage E-Marketing help you run email marketing campaigns that are integrated directly with your Sage 50 2013 or Peachtree 2012 customer list.



Welcome to Sage 50, the new era of Peachtree.

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